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Improving internal communication in restaurant chains

Posted on December 27, 2023

Strong internal communication is the key to success for businesses which rely on happy and productive employees to provide great customer service. Let’s see how we can apply it to the special case of restaurants.

What goes on between the teams is equally important too for the success of our business. Internal communication is the process of sending and receiving information between the various internal stakeholders in the organization.

Imagine part of your staff left unsure on their tasks, targets or duties. Imagine they aren’t aware of the latest changes in menus or the new closing time. How can they offer your customers the best experience?

One of the most critical determining factors of customer experience involves how customers interpret their treatment by employees. We are not talking only about positive emotions, but having properly and correctly informed employees, the link between the business and customers.

employee internal communication

Internal communication in restaurant chains

Training staff is an essential factor to be able to compete with advantage. In the majority of the restaurant business, we invest time and effort in the onboarding process, but we usually forget the employees when they start to work properly and comfortably.

Employees need to be informed about the company to perform their jobs effectively. Done properly, internal communication strengthens company culture and engages employees. We should use a clear and consistent messaging with key messages which should reflect the goals and values of the organization. It is important to outline the core messages you wish to deliver and keep these straightforward and simple so people understand them.

In this sense, the HR team should implement an effective communication strategy plan with clear communications objectives which also include training and professional development for each employee. This powerful tool should also foster a culture of openness and collaboration for everybody.

If you pay attention to internal communications, you can optimize the delivery of your messages and enhance audience engagement. Platforms can streamline the flow of information and keep all the employees connected, offering them the chance to respond honestly and ask questions. Internal communications provide the perfect opportunity for feedback from employees. It is also the perfect space to recognize and celebrate employee contributions.

If you have not achieved success with your business, you will be able to detect the key problems through internal communication. There are some key metrics for assessing communication effectiveness such as employee satisfaction surveys. With the results, you can reduce the turnover rates once you detect deficiencies within the organization.

Leveraging Technology for Seamless Communication

If you are looking for the best, most effective and efficient way to communicate with your employees, let me introduce you to a time-saving tool. This eliminates the need for employees to take time away from their roles and can seamlessly incorporate training into their daily workflow.

MobieTrain is a microlearning platform that helps organizations deliver bite-sized training content to employees through their mobile devices. The platform provides a range of tools and resources that can help organizations create and distribute engaging training content that can improve employee performance and drive business results.

This integration allows organizations to seamlessly connect their microlearning content and learning management processes with their internal communication and engagement platforms. The integration can help organizations to improve employee engagement by providing a more personalized and targeted communication experience that is tailored to the specific needs and interests of each employee.

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Future Trends in Internal Communication for Restaurants

In such a global and changing world it would make no sense to implement a tool, learn to do things well and forget about it. Be clear about this: continuous improvement in communication is necessary. Have you heard about Artificial Intelligence and Automation? It is already used in all company areas and soon we will have applications available for our restaurants.

Artificial Intelligence for Internal Communication

Voice-operated technology allows customers to complete payments with voice recognition. AI can also make recommendations and suggestions when a desired product is unavailable. This technology can forecast inventory and demand, and it can also search for and find fraudulent and inconsistent transactions.

In general, AI can help owners to have access to data. Restaurants can track staffing and sales data to determine any trends or patterns during busy times, helping them make better strategic decisions.

Training and empowerment

We live in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean we have to be digital humans. In fact, digital disconnection laws are becoming more and more important in new trends, highlighting the advantages of analog. In this sense, it is important to remember the balance between digital and human interaction.

The best way to achieve this equilibrium is training and empowerment. When you invest in training for staff you are ensuring they can proficiently use technology and focus on guest interactions. When you empower them, they make decisions that enhance the guest experience.


In 2024, internal communications will play a pivotal role in embedding sustainability into corporate culture. Greenwashing continues to stain the hospitality industry, with restaurants or hotels making claims that are bigger than reality, and consumers are understandably distrusting as a result.

You should communicate in a socially-responsible and ecological manner, with no negative impact on society and the economy and the planet, and based on the principles of transparency, inclusiveness, responsibility, authenticity and ethical.


Do we want satisfied employees?

One of the ways to achieve this is with effective internal communication. People who feel on board with the company’s vision and mission are more involved and they are not looking for another job. If they also are engaged, they are more productive and will be proud of their company, sharing your vision with the world and acting as brand ambassadors for you.

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