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MobieTrain Academy: how to engage your frontline team

Posted on December 22, 2023

We understand that finding or creating the right content can be a challenge, so we created the MobieTrain Academy.

That’s why we go beyond offering a platform alone – we provide immediate access to our MobieTrain Academy. With an array of top-notch tracks, you can get started right away. This knowledge hub is designed to empower individuals and elevate skills in a way that feels less like training and more like a journey.

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MobieTrain Academy: the reason why and differences

What sets our academy apart is the thorough craftsmanship of our Creative Writers. These experts have poured passion into crafting visually and textually stunning courses. With more than 80 tracks to explore, you will surely find the knowledge you need for personal and professional growth.

Tailoring Excellence: Industry-Specific Training

Each industry has its own set of demands and challenges. That’s why we’ve delved deep into research to create in-depth training tailored to the retail and hospitality sectors.

In the retail sector, we focus on essential skills like:

  1. Customer Service: In retail, creating a positive customer experience is vital. People shop to get a unique experience they can’t get online. It’s up to the sales associates to provide an unforgettable experience and create loyal and grateful customers. Exceptional customer service builds brand loyalty, encourages repeat business, and enhances the overall reputation of the store. Handling customer inquiries, resolving issues promptly, and providing personalised assistance are just a few examples of what makes you stand out as a business.
  2. Communication & Collaboration: Your team is your core! Together, they can handle anything. Effective communication among them ensures a smooth flow and fosters a collaborative environment.
  3. Time & Stress Management: Retail environments are fast-paced and stressful. Efficient time management and stress resilience are essential to meeting deadlines, handling peak hours, and maintaining a positive work atmosphere. Juggling multiple tasks during sales events, managing inventory efficiently, and handling customer rushes are necessary.
  4. Brand and Product Knowledge: Know your products! A deep understanding of the brand and its products enhances the customer experience. Your employees should be knowledgeable about the products they sell to provide accurate information and recommendations.
  5. Problem-solving & Adaptability: Retail settings often present unforeseen challenges. We understand that better than anyone. Quickly adapting to changes and solving problems on the spot is a valuable skill. A few examples we tackle are resolving customer complaints, handling unexpected inventory issues, and adapting to changes.

For our hospitality enthusiasts, our MobieTrain Academy elevates:

  1. Guest Experience & Salesmanship: Creating a great first impression is essential! Creating a positive and memorable guest experience is at the core of the hospitality industry. Salesmanship is vital for upselling and ensuring guests have a delightful experience. In our ‘Guest Experience 2.0’ track, we tackle topics such as suggesting additional services, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and personalising guest interactions.
  2. Communication & Collaboration: Effective communication within the team and with guests is critical for providing seamless service. Coordinating with kitchen staff, communicating special requests to the chef, and collaborating on events are just a pinch of what we tackle in our courses.
  3. Time & Stress Management: Maintaining a calm demeanour under pressure is crucial in hospitality. Handling multiple guest reservations and remaining composed during peak hours are some of the main skills any hospitality employee should conquer.
  4. Food Safety & Preparation: The daily procedures include following HACCP guidelines, adhering to food storage practices, and ensuring proper cooking temperatures. Your reputation is at stake, and ensuring food safety is a top priority in hospitality. Knowledge of food safety standards and proper preparation techniques is essential to prevent incidents and maintain hygiene.
  5. Problem-Solving & Adaptability: Hospitality environments are dynamic, and challenges can arise unexpectedly. The ability to adapt and solve problems ensures smooth operations and guest satisfaction. Consider resolving guest complaints, adapting to last-minute reservation changes, and addressing unexpected issues.

Continuous training in these areas ensures that employees are well-equipped to navigate the unique challenges of the retail and hospitality industries!

MobieTrain Academy: Beyond Retail and Hospitality

Our commitment to diversity goes beyond industry boundaries. The academy covers a wide selection of tracks covering:

  • Wellness & Wellbeing: Fostering a healthy work environment – that’s what we’re all bout! Our tracks aim to enhance employees’ physical and mental health, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. Some examples include Stress management techniques, Mindfulness, Healthy lifestyle choices and balancing work and personal life.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills are the interpersonal qualities that enable effective communication, collaboration, and relationship-building. They are integral in promoting a positive workplace culture and driving success in various professional settings. Just think about setting SMART goals, managing difficult conversations or giving & receiving feedback.
  • IT essentials: In the digital age, having a basic understanding of IT essentials is crucial for professionals in various industries. Cybersecurity, Phishing, Data Classification or preventing wifi-hacking are basics all of us must be aware of.
  • Health & Safety: Prioritising health and safety is non-negotiable in any workplace. These tracks focus on creating awareness and providing practical knowledge to ensure a safe and secure working environment. From First Aid and CPR training to Fire Safety, Ergonomics and Injury Prevention… we got it all covered!

This inclusivity ensures that individuals from various sectors can find relevant knowledge to empower their personal and professional journeys.

The Time-Saving Solution

We understand that time is of the essence. For clients who prefer creating their own content but lack the resources, our academy is invaluable, ensuring that the onboarding process is swift and seamless. By offering top-notch off-the-shelf tracks, we eliminate the potential delay in launching the app within your company.

Cream of the Crop

Our off-the-shelf tracks are not your average run-of-the-mill training. They are the cream of the crop – meticulously designed to stand out. These courses are not just a repetition of commonly known information; they explore the unexpected, enriched with stunning visuals and valuable tips and tricks.

Crafted with Care: The Heartfelt Effort Behind the Tracks

Countless hours of research have gone into curating these tracks. We’ve scoured the best sources to create a unique learning experience that resonates with our end-users. The feedback speaks volumes – our tracks are the perfect ‘new thing’ between brand content: light, informative, easy to digest, fun, and interesting.

An Exciting Journey Awaits: Join the MobieTrain Academy Today

The MobieTrain Academy is not just a mine of knowledge; it’s a dynamic space that invites you to embark on an exciting journey of growth and empowerment. Our academy is the key to unlocking success if you’re an organization looking to revolutionise your training approach. Click here and discover more.