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Pricing plans for businesses at all stages of growth. Contact us for custom integrations, content transformation support, and personal quotes for organizations with over 2,000 employees/contractors.

  • Starter

    150€ /month

    5€ user/month

    This plan is for fast-growing startups wanting to create a memorable customer experience.

    • Authoring Tool

    • Responsive App

    • Learning paths available in different formats

    • Course Feedback

    • Retail & Hospitality Academy (starter)

    • Branding on-app (logo only)

    • First-line support

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  • Professional

    1.250€ /month

    1,5€ user/month

    Ideal for established brands who want to continuously improve their team’s performance at the point of sale.

    • Customized Icon & C-Name (full branding)

    • Custom Dashboard

    • API Integration

    • Customer Success (monthly)

    • Automatic Translations

    • AI Chatbot

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Authoring Tool

Responsive App



Branded (Icon & C-name)

Learning paths available in different formats

AI Chatbot

Automatic Translations

Course Feedback

Retail & Hospitality Academy

Starter level

Full Academy

Full Academy

Customized Onboarding

Diverse users group


Logo only

Full branding

Full branding + icon



  • How does MobieTrain enhance customer experiences?

    MobieTrain is an innovative platform that empowers customer-facing teams to enhance their skills and knowledge through targeted training and easy-to-access information.

    By utilising a mobile-first approach, MobieTrain enables teams to learn on-the-go, making training more effective and engaging.

    With MobieTrain, businesses can ensure that their customer-facing employees have the tools and knowledge they need to consistently deliver top-notch customer experiences, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • In how many countries and languages is MobieTrain available?

    Our platform is available in 30 countries and supports training in 35 languages, providing you with unparalleled accessibility and quality. Join our community today and take the first step towards your personal and professional development.

  • Can you list some clients who trust MobieTrain?

    MobieTrain is a trusted partner for renowned brands and SMEs across various sectors.

    Our clients include VANS, Timberland, Decathlon, Proximus, Grupo Bimbo, Pizzium, Bun Burgers and Poule & Poulette. They rely on our innovative employee enablement app to provide engaging and practical training for their teams, resulting in improved performance and business outcomes.

  • What business impact has MobieTrain demonstrated with its platform?

    MobieTrain’s platform has been shown to significantly impact businesses.

    According to the data, the platform can increase customer satisfaction by 10%, boost revenue by 15%, and improve employee retention by 30%. In addition, it helps to reduce onboarding time by 50% and operational errors by 30%.

    These statistics indicate that the platform is an effective tool for improving overall business performance.

  • What are the three key activities that MobieTrain enables for teams?

    MobieTrain focuses on three crucial activities that help teams improve their performance and productivity.

    Firstly, it educates the employees about the company’s strategic goals, giving them a clear understanding of what they need to achieve.

    Secondly, it enables them to apply this knowledge in their work, ensuring they work together efficiently and effectively. Finally, it helps to create a sense of engagement among team members by connecting them with the company and each other.

    This leads to better collaboration, increased motivation, and improved results.

Cheers from our Happy Clients

  • Our motto is “We are not a shoe company – we are a people company”. MobieTrain supported us with our digital transformation and created a fun and engaging training experience for our people.

    Natalie Defries

    Retail Director EMEA Vans

  • The past few years have demonstrated how can we agile and quickly reach our associates and consistently prompt change throught MobieTrain’s platform.


    Brian Bodnar

    Director Operations & Customer

  • MobieTrain represents a significant step forward in our team’s growth and training journey. With its mobile microlearning platform, the MobieTrain team has enabled us to enhance the training of our staff, making it more accessible and engaging.

    nanni arbellini pizzium

    Nanni Arbellini

    Co-Founder of Pizzium, CROCCA srl, Carmelina, Gelsomina, and Felicetta

  • Thanks to MobieTrain, we have digitised our training offering, replacing bulky information folders with an app that is accessible to everyone. Specifically, we have achieved significant efficiency improvements in onboarding.

    frederik goossens Poule & Poulette

    Frederik Goossens

    CEO & Founder Poule & Poulette

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