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How to learn in the flow of work

Posted on April 11, 2022

It can be challenging to feel engaged while learning, can’t it? Have you ever wondered why that is? Our jam-packed days aren’t making it any easier. There’s barely time left for ourselves, let alone learning new skills!

It can be challenging to feel engaged while learning, can’t it? Have you ever wondered why that is? Our jam-packed days aren’t making it any easier. There’s barely time left for ourselves, let alone learning new skills!  

On top of that, if you finally get yourself to follow courses, workshops or training sessions, there often seems to be no connection between the content and the business impact. It makes you wonder if it’s worth the time and effort in the first place.  

Nevertheless, we all know that learning is crucial for self-development! So, how can we overcome this struggle? How can we feel more successful? And how can we help our company grow?  Luckily for us, learning in the flow of work is the answer to all these questions! 

The perfect solution 

Combine education with your work, and you have the perfect solution! The experience becomes relevant, effortful, spaced, generative and social. That’s what makes the learning stick. When learning is part of the work itself and not something separate, that’s when MAGIC happens

This combination is called ‘learning in the flow of work’. It means you can quickly access an answer or a short piece of learning content while you’re working. It drives productivity, increases engagement with formal learning and improves knowledge retention. All at your own pace. 

Technology has enabled us to work anywhere: in the office, at home, on the phone,…

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many communication tools rose and facilitated remote work. Their key value? Collaboration, communication and easy integration into daily lives and tasks on desktop and mobile. These communication tools make work and everyday life come together. See where I’m getting at? 

The advantages 

Now that we all agree platforms are a perfect way to integrate learning into our daily jobs, here are two additional advantages to convince your boss this is the right way to integrate learning into the flow of work. 

Employees who learn at work feel more successful! By removing barriers, they can be more active in building their own skills through self-directed learning.

According to research by Josh Bersin2, employees who spend time learning at work are 47% (!) less likely to be stressed and 39% more likely to feel productive and successful than those who don’t. Gaining new skills and solving problems can be constructive for a person’s self-esteem and help eliminate stress from current roles.  

Nurturing a learning culture yields a competitive advantage. Learning becomes part of daily life When visible and always on in our everyday systems. Companies that integrate learning into the flow of work experience greater business outcomes because they can better adapt to changes in the environment.

By helping the workforce learn and adapt in real time, you help your company grow much quicker and more efficiently. Ultimately, it’s all about the employees and allowing them to develop. They are the essence of the organisation. 

The perfect tool 

The best tool to learn in the flow of work

If you want to integrate learning into the flow of work, we’ve already saved you the trouble of finding an ideal tool or platform. We’ve got you covered here!  

MobieTrain revolutionises workplace training with mobile-first microlearning. Our mission is to empower all employees with the right training content at the right time on the device they prefer to help them succeed in their professional and personal development. It combines all the above-mentioned aspects in one simple-to-use application.

First of all, it provides a mobile learning experience. You can learn whenever and wherever you are! Secondly, it doesn’t take much time! 5 minutes a day is enough to broaden your knowledge. This makes it very easy to learn at work. Say hello to less stressed and more productive employees! Furthermore, the training can be personalised! You can pick what training to follow, and your supervisor can decide what trainings pop up for you, too! And finally, the gamification of the training makes it fun and gives it a competitive edge.

Learners will try and improve their scores in a challenging way while learning. 

These simple changes in your learning culture will make it easy to be an engaged learner!