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Unlocking the power of employer branding for restaurants

Posted on November 13, 2023

Why is employer branding so important for restaurant chains? Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts, let’s find it out.

In today’s bustling world of restaurants, finding and keeping the best talent is the secret ingredient to a fantastic dish. Imagine if there was a recipe for making your restaurant chain the go-to place for talented and passionate employees. Well, there is, and it’s called employer branding.

In this article, we will dive into the delightful world of employer branding. We’ll discuss what it is, why it’s a win-win for both restaurant chains and their outstanding employees, how to create a fantastic employer branding strategy, where to sprinkle this magic, and the common faux pas to avoid.

So, grab a coffee or tea, sit back, and let’s explore the wonders of employer branding!

Employer Branding: Definition

Alright, let’s start with the basics.
Employer branding is like the reputation and image your restaurant holds in the eyes of your current and potential employees. It’s not just your regular company branding; it’s the secret sauce that makes your place irresistible as an employer in the super-competitive restaurant scene

Benefits for Restaurant Chains and Employees  

This is where things get exciting. Employer branding is a win-win situation for restaurant chains and employees alike. Let’s look at some practical examples to spice things up: 

For restaurant chains: 

  • Attracting and retaining top talent: Picture “The Gourmet Grill.” By creating a reputation for offering top-notch culinary training and growth opportunities, they’ve become the go-to place for aspiring chefs, resulting in lower turnover and a dream team of chefs. 
  • Boosted company reputation: Think about “Sunny Side Bistro.” Their commitment to sustainability and community engagement attracts environmentally conscious customers and employees who want to be part of their mission. 
  • Happy employees all around: Over at “Smiley Café,” their positive work culture and team-building events have led to employees who don’t just serve coffee; they serve up smiles and enthusiasm. 

For employees: 

  • Better well-being and trust: At “Healthy Bites,” their emphasis on work-life balance and employee wellness programs has created an environment where employees can thrive and trust their employer has their back. 
  • The best workplace vibes: “Cheery Diner” knows how to make every day feel like a celebration. A friendly atmosphere, regular recognition, and a supportive team make it a place where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work. 

How to Define an Employer Branding Strategy

Now, how do you whip up this delectable employer branding strategy? Let’s add some practical seasoning: 

  • Uncover your restaurant’s values and culture: Take “Sizzling Slices” as an example. Their emphasis on creativity and innovation sets the stage for unique menu items and attracts innovative minds. 
  • Find your dream team: “Casa Mia” seeks not only experienced chefs but also food-loving individuals who are eager to learn. They’ve crafted a branding strategy that appeals to seasoned pros and fresh talent. 
  • Create a value proposition: Imagine “Sweet Delights,” where the value proposition for employees includes regular dessert tastings, career growth, and a friendly team. This combo makes their workplace a sweet place to be. 
  • Spread the word: Over at “Joyful Eats,” the employer branding message is everywhere. They engage employees in company blogs, highlight employee stories on their website, and share all the fun moments on social media.

Where to Communicate Your Strategy

Once your strategy is simmering, it’s time to serve it in all the right places. Here’s where the practical examples come into play: 

  • On your website and social media: Check out “Munch Café.” They’ve dedicated a whole section on their website to showcase their culture, with videos of team events and employee testimonials. Their Instagram is a gallery of mouth-watering dishes and behind-the-scenes fun. 
  • Inside your restaurants: “Local Flavor Kitchen” infuses its branding into the decor, with colourful murals showcasing its core values and friendly team photos. It’s a visual feast for both customers and employees. 
  • During hiring and onboarding: “Taco Town” ensures that from the moment a candidate applies, they’re welcomed into a community. The branding message is present in the application process, interviews, and even during the employee’s first day on the job. 

Employer Branding: 3 Common Mistakes

Now, let’s talk about some “oopsie” to avoid with practical examples: 

  • Not staying consistent: “Café Confusion” changed its branding message multiple times a year, leaving employees and customers bewildered. Consistency is critical to avoiding this mistake. 
  • Forgetting your employees: “Burger Barn” overlooked involving their employees in the branding process. They should have included the fantastic stories and insights their team could share, affecting their overall branding. 
  • Skipping the taste test: “Pizza Palace” never measured the impact of its branding efforts. As a result, they needed to be made aware that their high turnover was related to their employer branding. Keep an eye on employee retention to avoid falling into this trap. 


In a world where your workforce is as vital as your secret sauce, employer branding is your recipe for success. It’s your chance to shine in the crowded market, create a fantastic work environment, and attract and retain the best talent. 

So, don your chef’s hat and start cooking up your employer brand today. And guess what? We have something special for you! 

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