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Personalised Training: Transforming Learning Journeys with AI

Posted on January 21, 2024

It’s no secret that how we approach training has undergone a remarkable transformation: it’s time for personalised training. Gone are the days of lengthy, monotonous learning materials; enter the era of microlearning, where training paths are tailored, bite-sized, and captivating. This evolution, strengthened by AI-powered personalisation, is revolutionising how organisations equip their teams with essential skills.

The Power of change: From traditional to transformative

Creating impactful training content starts with a shift from traditional, potentially outdated materials to engaging microlearning experiences. Imagine the challenge of converting a dense PDF or a lengthy PowerPoint presentation into something that genuinely resonates with learners. With the right tools, expertise, and vision, this transformation becomes an opportunity to captivate attention, motivate continuous learning, and surprise with valuable tips and tricks.

Let’s consider the scenario of product and service training. The conventional approach might involve sharing exhaustive PDFs or organising lengthy webinars. Unfortunately, chances are that these files will go unnoticed, especially by the younger generation, who are practically born with smartphones in hand and are less likely to engage with such formats.

Alternatively, AI-driven microlearning breaks down essential information into short,
visually appealing, and story-driven segments.
The mobile aspect adds the convenience of accessing vital knowledge with ease. You can empower your people in just 5 minutes daily with a comprehensive understanding of products and services.

From Sourcing Libraries to AI: Redefining Content Creation

There is no denying that AI is reshaping the traditional research-intensive process. Especially for more general – yet crucial – topics and soft skills like stress management, wellness & well-being, SMART goals, Positive mindset, energy management…you name it.

AI is no longer just a handy assistant; it can be a versatile tool for sourcing inspiration and creating foundations for engaging content. By crafting well-defined prompts, AI has become a springboard for generating ideas, training materials, and more.

For instance, the foundations of this very article were laid by AI, leveraging a very detailed prompt to create a structured starting point.

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AI in Action: Integrated Tools in Content Management Systems

Taking personalised training to the next level, integrated AI tools within content management systems will further streamline the training creation process. These tools generate the initial framework of a training module directly within your platform. Imagine saving considerable time as AI tailors the content based on your style, preferred question formats, and the desired number of steps and learning moments.

This perfect blend of AI and human personalisation opens the door to creating more training consistently. Content creators can quickly source information while exploring new and inspiring writing methods.

Moreover, integrating AI helps avoid small grammatical errors, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the training content. It’s a powerful synergy that enhances efficiency and enriches the overall training experience for creators and users.

And what about AI-generated chatbots that swiftly answer any question based on the information within your platform? This could significantly benefit users seeking basic information in seconds.

For example, you have excellent microlearning training on your latest collections, but you also want your employees to have quick access to their employment agreements. Instead of creating a separate training, a chatbot could scan the document, understand the content, and respond to user queries. As long as the information is in the document, your chatbot should handle questions like

“What should I do when I’m sick? How many vacation days do I have? My laptop seems broken; what should I do?…”

Personalised training: a significant milestone in learning

In conclusion, the convergence of AI and personalised training paths marks a significant milestone in learning and development. The shift from conventional to microlearning, driven by AI-powered content creation, not only enhances the effectiveness of training but also empowers individuals with accessible and engaging learning experiences.

The future of workforce development is personalised, dynamic, and AI-driven – a journey where each step is tailored for success.

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MobieTrain: AI-powered employee enablement app

At MobieTrain, we stand at the forefront of the revolution in learning and development. Our platform embodies the spirit of innovation, leveraging AI-powered personalisation to redefine how organisations cultivate essential skills within their teams.

As pioneers in microlearning, we understand that shifting from traditional training approaches to bite-sized, captivating experiences is essential.

Our commitment to transforming the learning landscape extends to the very core of content creation. We have embraced AI as a versatile tool, sourcing inspiration and laying the foundations for engaging content.

By harnessing AI’s capabilities, we generate ideas, develop training materials, and unlock new dimensions of learning efficiency.

Integrated AI tools within our content management systems take personalisation to the next level, streamlining the training creation process. This integration saves valuable time and tailors content based on individual preferences, creating a perfect blend of AI and human personalisation.

This synergy enhances the efficiency of creating consistent, engaging training and ensures the accuracy and quality of content, enriching the overall training experience for creators and users alike.

In our vision for the future, AI-generated chatbots play a crucial role in swiftly addressing user inquiries based on the information within our platform. Whether accessing microlearning training on the latest collections or quickly obtaining information from employment agreements, our chatbots stand ready to provide answers within seconds.

As we pave the way for a dynamic and AI-driven future in workforce development, MobieTrain remains dedicated to empowering individuals with accessible and engaging learning experiences.

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