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MobieTrain has been nominated Belgian Startup of the Year.

Posted on April 4, 2019

MobieTrain has been nominated for “Belgian Startup of the Year” at the Data News Awards of Excellence 2019

In a significant milestone for MobieTrain, we are thrilled to announce our nomination for the prestigious “Belgian Startup of the Year” at the Data News Awards of Excellence 2019. Hosted by Datanews, a renowned Belgian ICT magazine, these awards recognize outstanding achievements in the ICT sector, and we are honoured to be in contention for this esteemed title.

Belgian Startup of the Year

What is Datanews?

Datanews, a leading Belgian ICT magazine, is synonymous with excellence in the tech industry. Renowned for organizing influential events such as “CIO of the Year,” the “ICT Manager Contest,” and “She Goes OCT,” Datanews also takes the spotlight with its pinnacle event, the “Datanews Awards of Excellence.” This event stands as the epitome of recognition within the ICT community, showcasing the best and brightest in the industry.

The Data News Awards for Excellence 2019

The Data News Awards for Excellence 2019 cover 14 essential categories within the ICT sector, and MobieTrain is vying for the coveted title of “Belgian Startup of the Year.” Expert judges will evaluate nominees based on various criteria, and the final winners will be announced in April.

Why Your Vote Matters

At MobieTrain, we believe in the power of collective support. Every vote is crucial, and we are reaching out to our community, clients, and well-wishers to help us secure the title. Your vote validates our dedication to innovation and excellence and contributes to our journey in shaping the future of workplace learning.

How You Can Support Us

We invite you to be an integral part of our success story by casting your vote for MobieTrain in the “Belgian Startup of the Year” category. It takes only a few seconds, but your vote can make an immense difference for us.

Belgian Startup of the Year, Vote Now!

You can cast your vote until the 7th of April by visiting the following link: Vote for MobieTrain


As we stand on the brink of potential recognition, we extend our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of MobieTrain’s journey. Your support fuels our passion for revolutionizing workplace learning, and we are excited about the possibilities. Let’s make MobieTrain the “Belgian Startup of the Year” at the Data News Awards of Excellence 2019.

Vote now and be a part of our success story!