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MobieTrain Secures €1.8 Million in Capital for Growth

Posted on April 7, 2020

Limburg, April 7, 2020MobieTrain, the innovative mobile and microlearning platform startup, has successfully raised €1.8 million in capital through a funding round led by Limburg Investment Company LRM and the Concentra Media Group. This capital injection will propel MobieTrain into an accelerated growth phase, building upon its initial success with significant clients.

Named Limburg Start-up of the Year in 2019, MobieTrain is poised to expand its market presence and establish its position as a leader in the microlearning space. CEO Guy Van Neck expressed enthusiasm for this capital’s opportunities, stating

“Our app and team are ready. The new capital will allow us to accelerate our growth trajectory.”

mobietrain capital round

With the backing of LRM, the Concentra Media Group, existing shareholders, and participation from management, along with support from major banks, including BNP Paribas Fortis, MobieTrain is well-positioned to scale its sales and marketing efforts. The company plans to expand within its home market while leveraging its commercial partner network abroad.

The capital injection will also facilitate the establishment of a new office in Lisbon, Portugal, where technical development will occur. This strategic move aligns with MobieTrain’s commitment to enhancing its offerings and reaching new markets.

MobieTrain’s microlearning platform

MobieTrain’s microlearning platform, characterized by personalized and dynamic learning paths, has gained traction in various sectors. While already successful in the retail industry, MobieTrain is set to explore opportunities in hospitality and healthcare. Key partners such as Beekeeper, SAP, Speakap, and Spencer play a pivotal role in MobieTrain’s expansion into diverse sectors.

Co-founder Mireille van Hemert-Schelling emphasized MobieTrain’s commitment to addressing evolving business needs, stating

“Physical shops are already disappearing from the high street under pressure from e-commerce. But successful brands are managing to combine offline and online sales, and increasingly using physical stores as an ‘advice point.'”

Indeed, in line with MobieTrain’s dedication to customer service, the startup plans to leverage AI in its app to personalize learning trajectories further. This forward-thinking approach aligns with MobieTrain’s vision to stay ahead in the competitive digital learning landscape.

Tom Aerts, Head of Investments at LRM, expressed confidence in MobieTrain’s potential, stating

“We strongly believe in the potential of MobieTrain to meet businesses’ needs to provide employees with information quickly and efficiently via a digital and personal application.”

Finally, the capital infusion signals a pivotal moment in the startup’s journey. This will redefine mobile learning and empower organizations worldwide.