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Empower Your Workforce with MobieTrain’s CMS

Posted on September 1, 2019

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace training, MobieTrain has taken a groundbreaking step forward by introducing its Content Management System (CMS). Launched in June, this user-friendly CMS transforms how companies approach training content, making it easier than ever to create bite-sized learning modules.

This article will explore why MobieTrain’s CMS is a game-changer and what exciting developments lie ahead.

mobietrain cms

Revolutionizing Content Transformation

MobieTrain’s CMS empowers organizations to transform their existing training materials into bite-sized, engaging content. The significance of this innovation lies in its ability to streamline onboarding processes and accelerate training launches. Users can follow intuitive templates and steps by logging into the CMS, making personalized learning content a breeze.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

Kevin Leemans from Proximus praises the CMS’s intuitiveness, stating, “The CMS is very intuitive and user-friendly. As a user, you only have to think about the bigger picture and put your content in it. No need to worry about the layout and structure.”

Engaging a Global Workforce

MobieTrain’s microlearning platform and CMS are tailor-made for global companies with diverse, remote, and international workforces. Acknowledging the challenges of engaging employees across different countries and locations, especially deskless workers, MobieTrain provides a solution that goes beyond geographical boundaries.

Jean-Christophe Van Nieuwenhuysen from BMW attests to the ease of use, stating, “Thanks to the uncomplicated and effortless CMS, I can easily use the application, even without any IT background.”

A Step Towards the Future: MobieTrain’s CMS

The launch of the CMS signifies a pivotal moment in MobieTrain’s evolution. With a vision to empower clients to create and launch their microlearning content independently, MobieTrain’s CMS aligns with the belief that mobile and microlearning represent the future of workplace education.

Constantly working to enhance user experience, MobieTrain has focused on making the CMS more user-friendly, customizable, and visually pleasing. Updates aim to create the perfect tool for easily transforming content into bite-sized learning.

What’s Next in MobieTrain’s CMS?

MobieTrain’s commitment to improvement is evident in its two-week sprints aimed at continually updating and optimizing the CMS. The product roadmap includes exciting features like advanced branding and colouring options, offering enhanced personalization capabilities.

MobieTrain’s CMS: Upcoming Features

  • Certification upon completing a track
  • More off-the-shelf templates in the CMS
  • Deeper onboarding and educational guides
  • Fine-tuning the application’s look and feel
  • Introduction of new badges
  • New question formats, including Multiple Answer Toggle and Timer Format

The journey doesn’t stop here. MobieTrain is committed to sharing updates on future releases and ensuring users enjoy a feature-rich CMS experience. For any inquiries about MobieTrain’s CMS, reach out to Transform your training approach and empower your employees with MobieTrain’s revolutionary CMS.