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MobieTrain Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award 2019

Posted on May 20, 2019

MobieTrain Clinches ‘Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award 2019’ – A Testament to Micro-Learning Excellence.

MobieTrain is thrilled to announce our recent triumph at the ‘Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award 2019,’ a prestigious accolade presented at the HR Innovation and Tech Day event in Mechelen. Following an exhilarating day of pitching and networking, our mobile platform for personalized learning emerged as the indisputable winner, earning the top spot for its innovative approach to HR technology.

Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award

The Winning Pitch

On May 14, 2019, during the 2nd HR Innov & Tech Day elevator pitch session, MobieTrain secured the esteemed title of the ‘Coolest HR Tech Solution of the Year 2019.’ The decision was made by an expert jury, accounting for 60%, and the audience contributed the remaining 40%.

The distinguished jury included industry experts such as Danny Azou, Frederik Tibau, Bea Cleeren, and Hans Mangelschots.

MobieTrain has the honour of carrying this title for a year, showcasing our commitment to innovation until the next edition of HR Innov & Tech Day.

An Eventful Day at HR Innov & Tech Day

This third edition of HR Innov & Tech Day witnessed a significant increase in participation, with 424 attendees, marking a remarkable 63% growth compared to the previous year. MobieTrain competed alongside nine other cutting-edge HR tools, making our victory even more noteworthy.

About MobieTrain

Founded in 2015, MobieTrain has established itself as a leading mobile platform for personalized learning trajectories. Our recent success includes a one-million-euro capital round from the Limburg Investment Company LRM, ING, and private investors, leading to our relocation from Antwerp to C-mine Crib in Genk.

Recognition Beyond Borders

This latest accolade adds to several recent affirmations of MobieTrain’s impact on the industry. We are proud to share that we have been selected for the esteemed SAP StartupSelect HR program. Furthermore, our participation in the PWC Scale Programme in Germany highlights our dedication to scaling and reaching new heights.

Micro-Learning: Shaping the Future of Work

The award is a testament to the growing recognition of micro-learning as the future of work. Companies worldwide are reaping the benefits of empowering employees with our mobile-based Learning and Development (L&D) platform. This award reinforces our belief in the transformative power of micro-learning to revolutionize workplace education.

As we continue to garner support and accolades, MobieTrain remains steadfast in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for personalized learning and shaping the future landscape of HR technology.

This award is not just a win for us but for the future of workplace learning. Join us in embracing the future of work with MobieTrain! Discover more: click here.