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MobieTrain Raises One Million to Innovate Workplace Learning

Posted on March 5, 2019

How to revolutionise workplace learning?

In a groundbreaking move, the Belgian EdTech startup MobieTrain has secured one million euros in seed funding from the Limburg Investment Company LRM, ING, and private investors. This strategic investment is set to propel MobieTrain’s mobile learning platform to new heights, fostering its expansion across Europe and the Middle East.

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Empowering Workplaces with Personalized Learning

MobieTrain, headquartered in Genk, Belgium, has swiftly risen to prominence with its mobile-first platform tailored for personalized workplace learning. Indeed, currently boasting 10,000 users in 13 countries, the startup has already garnered recognition with prestigious clients such as BMW, Vans, Massimo Dutti, and Zara.

At the core of MobieTrain’s success is its commitment to empowering employees through daily, bite-sized training content. This approach not only enhances knowledge retention but also significantly boosts productivity among users. Co-founded by Guy Van Neck and Mireille van Hemert-Schelling, MobieTrain has carved a niche, particularly within the retail and fintech sectors.

A Promising Future with Strong Backing

Tom Aerts, Head of Smart Services & Manufacturing at LRM, expressed confidence in MobieTrain’s potential, stating,

“MobieTrain is a promising company experiencing rapid growth. We strongly believe in the potential of MobieTrain and the need for companies to provide employees with fast and efficient knowledge through a digital and personal application.”

The recent funding infusion, acquired in 2019, positions MobieTrain to augment its offerings further. The company plans to integrate artificial intelligence and social learning, enhancing users’ personalization of learning paths. The capital injection will be instrumental in doubling MobieTrain’s team, with a keen focus on marketing and the international rollout.

Strategic Expansion and Growth Potential

While MobieTrain has made significant inroads within the retail sector, the company aims to solidify its position.

The versatility of MobieTrain’s platform makes it applicable across various sectors, including automotive and banking, offering immense growth potential.

Guy Van Neck outlined MobieTrain’s ambitious plans:

“We want to focus strongly on the launch in Europe in the coming months, and the Middle East is also on our radar. We will start right away at Unleash London on 19th-20th March.”

Recognitions and Future Endeavors

MobieTrain, with its eyes set on securing 100,000 users by the end of 2019, has already garnered success and recognition. The startup emerged victorious in Unleash 2018’s biggest competition, earned a Top 10 HR Tech Provider award, and became an esteemed alumnus of StartupBootcamp.

Continuing its momentum, MobieTrain is slated to participate in leading HR Tech events across Europe and the Middle East in 2019.

The lineup includes appearances at Retail Week Live, Arch Summit, and HR Tech Mena, reaffirming the company’s commitment to driving innovation in workplace learning.

In conclusion, MobieTrain’s recent funding success marks a significant milestone in redefining workplace learning.

As the company continues to innovate and expand its reach, it stands poised to revolutionize how employees engage with learning content, ultimately shaping the future of workplace education. For companies seeking a transformative approach to employee development, MobieTrain emerges as a beacon of change.

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